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Friday, January 26, 2007

Again, the basics...

The basics of the technology I'm looking at can be approximated by anyone who does the following:
1) 20-30 minutes of meditation, three times a week. Consider your goals in all three major arenas
2) 20-30 minutes of some progressively intense exercise that moves the body through all major planes of flexion (ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Tai Chi, FlowFit, etc.) three times a week.
Goals in all three major arenas.
These need to be deepened with practise and instruction, the idea to slowly make the daily work more and more intense. Let me tell you something--this isn't a game, and it isn't for the timid. If you do this, I promise you that every negative aspect of your subconscious will rise to the conscious level, every self-destructive habit will rear its head, every negative associate will show his true colors. You will hit the dark night of the soul in ways you may not currently believe. More on this later...

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