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Friday, January 26, 2007

DSL Finally up...

We've been in the new house a week, and just today got our DSL in. Wow...I am so darned happy. Wasn't really aware of how important my internet has become.
Lots of things going on, including the fact that I can finally talk openly about the new project I'm doing for Ubisoft, three novels based on their upcoming "Assassin's Creed" game. This is research on the fly, trust me, and I have to work very very hard to keep the stress from becoming strain.
My work at Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica is fascinating. I'm embracing the opportunity to experiment more deeply with the technologies I've been studying and teaching over the last decades. There is a simple basic premise to everything I'm doing: we are beings designed to evolve. We can heal and complete ourselves, given proper resources, and faith. The physical body is a fantastic metaphor for the entire body-mind complex, and a perfect entry point: you can't fake the body. Relaxation, balance, and focus under pressure can all be used to reveal psychological and spiritual states. Cuts through the B.S. with great speed. The professionals at this institution are absolutely top notch, and it is a profound honor to be in their presence...
Saw "Primeval" an old-fashioned monster movie dealing with a rogue crocodile in Central Africa. Actually a good deal better than I thought, even though it came within a hair of getting a rousing Sambo Alert. Ultimately, I give it a pass, although I get real, real sick of black characters dying so that white people can find love and redemption. Still, lotsa good scares, and I really, really needed to turn my brain off and just enjoy! Give it a "B-", or a solid "B" if you're into Creature Features.

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