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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back on track...

Wow. Was moving all last week, and now in the new house. Don't have the DSL up properly yet, so communication will be a little spotty. Please bear with me!
I've been experimenting with the Lifewriting technology at a high-end wellness facility out in Santa Monica. The most important aspects for helping these super-achieving clients seems to be:
1) Self-forgiveness.
2) Heartbeat meditation
3) Linking the "child" self and the "elder" self.
4) Moving the body through the six degrees of freedom (yoga, tai chi, FlowFit, etc.)
5) Balanced goals in all three aspects.

These are people who have accomplished everything most of us think would make us happy, but have often "externalized" their "Self"--that is, created an external image that allows them to accomplish their dreams by evoking powerful responses from the public. Internally, there can be a sense of emptiness that is really quite profound.

But one thing I'm learning from them is the degree to which they are super-clear on the end results they initially desired. The flaw seemed to be that they didn't have a goal to be happy and healthy as well. Their shields are formidable--as they have to be. They are surrounded by predators. But by linking them up with their own memories of their younger selves, it is possible to help them clarify their values and true needs. It is an awesome responsibility, and I absolutely love it! What an honor...

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