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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fear Removal

I was asked to expand on The Fear Removal technique again, so here goes:

The technique, taught to me by Coach Sonnon, takes advantage of a unique physiological response to actually train your body to process anxiety or anger in a healthier fashion.  It requires the student to have sufficient aerobic fitness to enter "second wind"--usually reached after 14-17 minutes of rhythmic steady-state exertion (walking, running, rowing, swimming, whatever).
You can use this on any fear or anxiety (or anger) response that is sub-clinical.  If you are dealing with a clinical level problem, the technique still works, but we would ask you to practise this only under the supervision (or with the agreement) of a trained professional.

1) Select the issue to be addressed.  Say...fear of public speaking.
2)  Sit and generate the fear.  Imagine your worst case scenario, perhaps people laughing or booing, you forgetting your speech, perhaps even showing up for the speech inappropriately dressed or otherwise embarrassing yourself.  Really sink into the fear, until it manefests in your body--until you are crying out of your nose, for instance.  Take ten full minutes to do this.
3) IMMEDIATELY after, perform the aerobic activity.  Step onto the treadmill, get on the rowing machine, etc.
4)  Perform the aerobic activity  until you reach "second wind," the period when the perceived exertion level seems to drop a bit, and you get a burst of new energy.
5) Continue at least 3-4 minutes more (for an approximate total of 20 minutes) and then stop, stretch.  You can sit quietly for a few minutes, or go about your day.
This technique can be done about once a week, and will reduce your anxiety by 15-25 percent with a single practice session.  It works so well it's spooky.  We'll talk about WHY it works another time.



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