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Monday, December 05, 2005

FREE Mastery Workshop for L.A. Lifewriters

Here's hoping you're close to the L.A. area! I'm teaching a
90-minute workshop this Sunday, the 11th of December in
Covina,California. For the very first time I'll detail the
core of the "Mastery" system, complete with the physical
technique necessary to integrate it into your life. If you
will commit to five minutes a day and one hour a week,
you can change your life. A complete fitness and success
system, absolutely Free--I need twenty-five volunteers
to test the technology. If you can walk continuously for
20 minutes, you can do it!
The class will be held at the International Dance Academy at
20628 E. Arrow Highway #3
Covina, 91724

Bring a mat or towel, a notebook, and a standard
folding chair (for support, not sitting!).
Please e-mail me if you are interested in attending:

Tell your friends!

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