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Friday, December 02, 2005

Just For Us Bloggers...

I've been updating the blog with articles I'm doing in connection with a very specific marketing project, but I made a promise to treat the readers of this blog a bit more like family, so I'm going to do something a bit different.  I want to lay out the complete pattern of what I'm now calling "Mastery" but will probably have another name soon.  Coach Sonnon is supposed to have his "Eclipse" video out within a month, and that is perfect for this purpose (you only need an hour a WEEK to fulfill all BASIC fitness requirements, plus the "fear removal" effect we need to make "Mastery" work) but I want to be as clear as possible, and also to suggest alternate sources of info or options.  If I'm right about what I've found here, the path doesn't belong to any one person or culture. I just want to be another finger pointing toward the mountain.  I also want to make it clear that this is just one path--I'm sure there are others, perhaps better. Also, you might be able to modify aspects of this, and still get good results.  But I can only promise positive results to those who follow this pattern as precisely as possible.  Darn it, in some ways it isn't even a "pattern."  At this point it's a cluster of techniques and technologies which, together, cross a critical line and deposit the seeker directly on the path to genuine self-awareness and, I suspect, enlightenment.  Again, there are other paths. Here is this one, based on my forty years of seeking answers.
1) Start with goals in the three major arenas: body, mind, relationships (spirit).  It is reasonable to expect a 100% improvement in a given arena in a year.
2)  Five Minute Miracle.  Learn a good stress-reducing breathing technique (go to a yoga or Tai chi class if you need to).  Practise it for 60 seconds five times a day, especially morning and night.  As you do, visualize a triangle representing your three goals.
3) Keep a journal.  Every morning and night look at your three goals, and generate as much enthusiasm as possible for them.  Write down your thoughts, plans, dreams.  Keep a record!
4) Three times a week, exercise aerobically.  This could be walking, running, rowing, ANYTHING. 
5)  Once a week, spend ten minutes generating fear or anger BEFORE you do the exercise, then exercise until you've reached second wind.  This will take between 14 and 17 minutes, for most people.  this is the "Fear Removal" exercise, and it works like crazy.  Ask me questions if you don't understand, as this step is critical for most people
6) Practice a physical discipline that requires alignment and precision.  Martial arts, yoga, dance, Tai Chi...there are many others.  If possible, get a coach or teacher to criticize your form.  NOTE: When "Eclipse" is ready, it will satisfy steps 6 and 5, and improve step 4 tremendously.  BUT THERE ARE OTHER RESOURCES!
7) Proceed toward your goals at no more than about 1% per week.  Believe me, if you have balanced goals, your psyche will generate tons of resistance. You'll need the fear removal to cope with it.
In the most basic form, this is it.  The "soulmate" or "I.D.E.A." concepts I've explored here will accelerate the effects.  Questions, please.  I know that this is basic, but I owe it to all of you to give you the outline as soon as it exists...tomorrow is promised to none of us, and this, I swear, is the root of a process more powerful than anything I've ever even heard of. 
More later.

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