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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Path

Here's the URL to learn more about this event.  This price is unbelievably low--I designed it specifically so that NO ONE who wants to genuinely change his or her life will have to miss it.  This is one time only, an experiment as Scott and I refine our ability to teach together.  Simply put, over the years I've watched Coach Sonnon refine his ability to teach the body as route to mastery.  And realized that he was, precisely, filling in the gaps in Lifewriting.  That if it was possible to combine our approaches, we could create something that has, literally, never existed before.  A simple path, requiring only an hour a WEEK.  In just one day, you'll feel the truth of it.  Then we'll send you home with what you need to continue. No kidding.  No b.s.  At the very least, you'll have a complete fitness and goal setting system.  At the most, you can wrest control of your life back from the world in a tiny fraction of the time available in any other system of therapy or self-improvement available in the western world. 

The link is:

If you need to sign up for Scott's forum to see it, don't hesitate.  We'll have a more public link VERY soon, and I'll let you know.  This is a secret, a gift for those of you who've been aware of my efforts in this regard.  More very, very soon...


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