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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sky High (2005)

Just delightful.  Possibly, the best, most unpretentious time I've had at the movies this year.  I expected little, was very pleasantly surprised to find that this mix of "Mean Girls" and "The Incredibles" barely makes a misstep for its entire running length.  Delivering no real surprises except solid performances, a sound psychological subtext, and cheerily cheesy special effects, this is the kind of film Disney used to know how to make in its sleep.  Basically, superman and wonder woman got married, and had a kid with no powers.  they send him off to superhero school, where the super and not-so-super are divided into "Heros" and "Sidekicks" (read: Cool Kids and Nerds) with the kind of results you would naturally expect.  There is a little romance, the "best friend" with a crush, betrayals, mean kids, forbidden crushes, schoolyard fights (!), broken promises and hearts, and everything else a good teen movie should have.  Family fun, with sly references to every superheor you've ever loved.  Jeeze, I'm not sure the grin left my face for hte entire two hours.  Oh, and, in general, contrary to the coming attractions, the ethnic mix looked like America.  I LOVED this movie.   I only ask that a film give you  what it promises.  "Sky High" does just that, with zoom to spare.  I give it an "A."  Not a blockbuster, not a classic, just good, solid family entertainment.  and that is a rarer and rarer things, these days.

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