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Friday, August 26, 2005


Just had my first day of this year's teaching session in Maui, and I must say that this group looks challenging--in a good way. Slightly less experienced than last year's, at the same time every one of them seems open, intelligent, and willing to learn.  The fun thing is that I get to experiment with them, using the technologies I'm putting into the new Lifewriting program.  This really floats my boat.  And oh--things are unbelievably beautiful here. My daughter Nicki is here with me, and having my family around me just makes my heart sing.  The baby got us up at 4:30 this morning, and bless her heart, Tananarive got up and dressed, and took him out of the room so I could sleep.  At 7 I got up, went out to the beach, did Warrior Wellness and then Scott Sonnon's new Eclipse program.  Twenty-one repetitions of it trashed me. This is the stuff he designed for the Mastery Workshops, and it will take me about six weeks to integrate it into my program. What I will say is that it is designed not merely to produce fitness, but to break the specific chains of muscle tension created by fear and stress. A series of six movements alternating with the "Trinity Squat" (roughly equivilent to a Hindu Squat, but aligned with the Body-Flow principles) this is a powerful tool.  How about a 20-minute whole body workout that really works body and mind?  An American form of Chi Gung? The potential is excellent, and I'll know more as soon as I've integrated it.  Well, I'm off to dinner now.  Tomorrow, maybe parasailing. Day after, snorkling or maybe horseback riding.  Oh, and a little teaching.  Life is hell.

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