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Monday, August 01, 2005

And now for a commercial announcement..

FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE time, folks!  The entire Lifewriting system is based around the idea of confronting the challenge of balanced, healthy goals, and moving toward them at the rate of 1% per week.  I promise you, you will hit stress levels like you've never experienced. but that doesn't have to stop you.  the best way I know of dealing with stress is to simply learn to notice your levels of pressure.  The FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE contains a fabulous, hyper-efficient approach to both stress reduction and fitness.  You can stop with Five Minutes, and still have higher energy, a flatter stomach, better posture, and incredible resistence to stress.  Or, you can add more time, integrate the breathing technique into any other fitness activity of your choice, and open a whole new dimension to your physical practise.  Although simply produced, I'm incredibly proud of this product, which represents a simplification of forty years of research on my part.  I put my reputation behind it 100%.  It's not magic--the magic lies within you.  But the Five Minute Miracle is, honestly, one of the doors to opening your treasure trove.  I would leave it to my son as a last gift form his father, and more than that I simply cannot say.  Go on.  Take the chance.  Just maybe, this is what you've been looking for!

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