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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back Home

Just returned from ten days in the northwest.  We had to pack the rest of our stroage space, and I drove it down in a 17-foot truck.  Exciting.  Nowhere near the nightmare last year's trip was (with a 24-foot, and an auto trailer.  Yuck.).  I saw guru Plinck and his family, and a buddy and business partner, Joe Daggy, and got out to see Chris Bunch's widow.  Tananarive and I drove down to Gold Beach, where we did research for the television series we're pitching in a couple of weeks.  That should be fun. 
the manuscripts for "Great Sky Woman" went out, and as usual, I'm nervous.  Only represents two years of my life!
The "Be Breathed" technique came in very useful driving over the summit of the Siskiyous.  My acrophobia kicked in a bit, and some concentration on the exhalation steadied me greatly.

More tomorrow--it's good to be back!

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