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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Off To Maui

I'm heading off to Maui tomorrow for ten days of teaching in Paradise.  I'll have internet, though, so it should be fun to update you guys...
All right, just for practise, let's go back over what we're doing on this site.  Maybe thirty years ago I made the decision that I wanted to be a professional writer...and not just that, but to be healthy in all major aspects of my life, because I figured that I'd be in my mid-fifties before I really hit my stride.  This was due to my prceptions of the social realities of life in America, as well as other factors. So "Balance" became my obsession.  As I began to learn more about my craft and art, I began to develop writing theories that dovetailed with the ideas of high performance in martial arts, yoga, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, among other sources of info. All of this began to gel into the "Lifewriting" approach to life.  This blog basically contains my rambling speculations on different aspects of life, personal philosophy, and the way they connect with my career, family life, and physical fitness.   I make powerful use of the following tools...
1) The Hero's Journey.   The only story structure I know of that mirrors the path of our lives, and has existed for thousands of years.  Therefore, although it is not the ONLY (or possibly even the best!) structure, it is the most universal, and the one that people grasp most rapidly. 
It is even possible to plan goals and general life-path stuff with the HJ, with brilliant results.
2)  The Yogic Chakras.  Used to understand personalities in characters and in yourself.  It is a six thousand year old explanation of the way human energies manefest and evolve. 
3) heartbeat Meditation.  The safest and most powerful meditation I know of.  Meditation can be  an important tool in the arsenal of peak-performing artists.
4) Mind Reading.  This is a way of applying a template to human beings, and judging them based on their divergence.  This yields the principles of the Beauty-Power axis, among other thoughts.  It is based on the notion that 99% of people want a healthy body, a healthy career, and a committed, loving relationship.  The failures or successes in these arenas leave footprints, and tell us things about the person's behaviors, beliefs, values, and wounds.  For obvious reasons, probably the most controvercial part of my philosophy.
5) The Flow State Performance Spiral.  Created by Scott Sonnon, this is a doorway into human performance that makes Tai Chi and Yoga immensely less oblique.  Drawing in part on   Russian performance technologies, Scott (at has uncovered a thread of honest gold, a set of keys to the higher functions fo the human body-mind that I find singular.  He is a good and honest man, and the Spiral and its accompanying physical principles can be used to reach Peak Performance in mental, physical, and spiritual arenas.  I have, and continue to make, strong use of Scott's theories.
There are certainly other basic aspects.  I talk about them repeatedly because my understanding continues to grow, and new readers pass by everyday.  I'm going to start over at the beginning again...after all, sophisticated basics is the key to mastery.
and that is my goal--to give you my take on the path to mastery.  Yes, I think I see it.  No, I don't consider myself a fully enlightened being.  Yes, I consider  the higher functions of the human mind and spirit to be realities.  Yes, I think one can reach them without getting lost along the way. 
No, it's not easy.


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