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Sunday, August 21, 2005

changes coming

I'm finally getting the pieces together for the new Lifewriting product, and I'm incredibly excited.  The real question I've asked myself is: what would I want, what would I need, if I didn't already have my current career?  I would want no-b.s. info on how EXACTLY to focus my efforts to become a published writer.  There are a lot of things I can say (and have said) on this subject, but the most important thoughts are:

1) What must be defined is a path, not some formula or template.  There are many plot structure workshops and books out there.  Another one isn't really needed.
2) I need to concentrate on exercises, specific things that writers can do to improve their craft.  I'm settling on a one-year program built around twelve stories.  My original thought of 52 stories (one per week) just overwhelmed people. 
3)  The student needs access to me, or staff specifically and fully trained by me.  That will be built into the system.
4) All basic aspects of the writing life need to be covered.
##'s all coming together, and the good news for blog readers is that I will continue to drop as much of this stuff for free here on this page--I need this outlet as a place to jsut speak my mind.  Some of the things I talk about are rather personal (you may have noticed) and I'm a bit shy about combining that stuff with increased advertising.  I mean, if I speak of spiritual things, and follow that with a "buy my product!" I feel a bit queasy.  So I'll be taking specific steps to increase traffic to my ads, but the blog remains what it is: Steve's core-dump.  I'm having just too much fun the way I am.

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