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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Perfect Diamond Hour #4: The Ancient Child

Let's recap:

1) Five Minute Miracle.  Take five sixty-second “breathing breaks”, one every 2-3 hours.
2) Re-write your top 3-5 goals once every day.  
3) Begin to expand out the “5MM”  breaks.   “Heartbeat” meditation.

And now:
4) Begin to implement the “Ancient Child” technique to contact  your intuition and passion, clarify
your goals for the year and your actions for the day that relate to them.  This is where things start to get fun.   Step #1 will break the cycle of stress that creates fatigue, fear and tunnel-vision.  Step #2 begins to focus your energy in the direction of your passions and values.  Step #3 starts the process of deepening your practice, opening the door to self-knowledge and true healing. 

Now Step #4 begins a process that can last a lifetime, anchoring this new awareness to your intuition and sense of “aliveness” and creativity.    Anyone who has been a parent will recognize the fact that people can do things for their children that they cannot do for themselves.   I remember working with a life coach once who discovered that any time he mentioned my daughter Nicki my energy jumped.   Most of us know that we would live, and die, for our children.

Friends…that is a sliver of what you’ll get when you connect with your “inner child.” Now, note that this is a mental-emotional construct, but it works just fine.  The idea is to connect with the oldest part of yourself that pre-dates the damage, disappointment, aversive conditioning and limiting beliefs that impact  our psyches as we move through life.  All of the creativity and aliveness anyone could ever want is still there, waiting within you.

The basic process is to, while meditating, visualize yourself sitting in front of a mirror.   See the light inside your body.  Concentrate it into a human form, the largest you can make composed primarily of light. For a normal, average person, that will probably be a kid about 9 years old.  Sometimes older, sometime younger.   Or an embryo.  Or a single cell.  The point is to find something that predates the damage, and align with it.

There are multiple ways to access the instinct, creativity and wisdom of this part of your psyche.   Writing with your non-dominant hand works fine.   Simply sitting quietly and asking your I.C. For input works nicely.

It may take time to make contact. I made a serious error back a couple of decades ago, and violated my own values.  As a result, that “kid” inside me stopped communicating, and for the first time in my life, my creativity dried up.  I began a process of visualizing myself at a place that was a favorite as a child (the beach) and bringing toys for that child to play with. It took weeks, maybe months for me to see any sign of that child on the beach: footprints and disturbed toys.  More weeks before he approached me.  And when we finally embraced, he sobbed that he’d missed me horribly, and I swore I’d never betray him again.

And I never have.    The “Ancient Child” meditation, available FREE at, is a phenomenal gateway to your inner world.  But the synopsis given above will keep you going for months, if you just begin to apply yourself for 15-20 minutes a day.


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