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Sunday, April 21, 2013

42 (2013)

Just saw "42", the Jackie Robinson sports biopic. Very well done, although it could have gotten closer to its subject emotionally. Enjoyed the way they related large external events to his homelife and relationship with his young wife. Acting is strong across the board, and Chadwick Boseman is good but not great as Robinson. Harrison Ford is the best he's been in years as Branch Rickie, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers who decides to root out rot at the core of his beloved sport, but I especially loved Nicole Beharie as Robinson's lovely spouse. Rousing, emotional...I've heard people doubt the power of sport, and the importance of such role models. They are welcome to their opinion, but I respectfully submit that the Jackie Robinsons of the world made this country a better place--for everyone. Give "42" a B+.


WhitneySands said...

Thanks been looking forward to seeing that, have no desire to see the Lincoln movie.

Steven Barnes said...

Saw "Lincoln", admired its sincerity and performances, but wasn't blown away. Imagine a movie about women's rights that had no women in it.