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Monday, April 22, 2013

Note from a student...

Just got a note from a student I thought I’d share: 


 I bought your Life Writing course about three years ago after attending your lecture at a Creative Screenwriting Expo.  Your ' s is the best writing course ever.   A true life-changer (I've been meaning to tell you that for a while now though I'm sure you already know).  I was the " computer guy " at the expo, helping Bill keep it together behind the scenes.  Anyway, since I got your course, I've written a pilot for a Sci-Fi series  and a full series bible.  I will be pitching it later this year.   I'm now living in Portland, OR and hoping to do the show here as a web series.  I'm so looking forward to your forthcoming info on writing, producing and distributing !  Again, congratulations and thanks for all the great, life-changing work you do.

-Gentry S.


I love hearing things like that.   The “Lifewriting For Writers” course is just spectacularly good, and I don’t say that because I created it.  I say that because I get notes like this all the time, every week, sometimes every day.  It is unique, unlike any other writing course in the world…and if you don’t have it, you’re cheating yourself.

Order your copy today…and you’ll be helping us make DANGER WORD…and the experience from DANGER WORD will feed right back into the education process, helping me be a better instructor for all of you.  And that’s something we all want!

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