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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh...on firing people who make mistakes...

I didn't mean to say that the main reason to oust the folks who made arguably the single worst mistake in American history by declaring war on Iraq to find weapons that weren't there, was to reassure the world that we're serious about change.  No. The major reason is that the only reason to trust someone who makes a terrible mistake to not make such mistakes in the future, and to clean up their mistake is:

1) they openly, honestly, quickly admit they made a mistake.
2) They demonstrate great flexibility in thought and action
3) They recruit a wide range of new resources and idea input, ESPECIALLY from those who disagreed with them in the past.

Absent these three qualities, no, I don't trust the current administration to get us out of this.  They seem almost absurdly rigid in thought and action. Which is great if you're right, and suicidal if you're wrong.
PLEASE don't think that I think these things because they are Republicans.  I never felt this way about Bush I, or Reagan, or Ford, or Nixon.  This is something different.  This goes beyond party.  I'd say the EXACT same thing about a Democrat if I felt similar fear for the direction of our country. If I wouldn't, I would be a traitor and coward.


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