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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beauty and Power

I’ve probably had more comment on my thoughts about beauty and power in relationships than any other single aspect of Lifewriting theory.  As a result, it seems only fair to throw the floor open explicitly on the issue.  What is it that you, as readers and writers, feel happens between men and women, or women and women, or men and men, when it comes to the realm of the heart?  Certainly, there is endless thought and speculation on this, and there is no single theme which has appeared in more fiction over the years with the possible exception of survival. 

Sexuality, love, power…physical grace, spiritual depth, emotional strength…all of these meld together in the realm of romance and relationship.  There are those who seek only union with God or self, those committed to a community but not an individual.  Those who are monogamous, and those who seek group intimacy, or swinging.  Those who opt for temporary or permanent celibacy.  In every case, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to run your energy, rules and principles, attractive and repulsive behaviors and traits. 

I would love for you to comment, either on the blog, or on my bulletin board, or the discussion list.  Please respect each other’s thoughts and lifestyles. If you are too shy to share your thought with us, put them into your own diary or journal, or writing.

  I am seeking to open my mind to the different ways people see these issues.   What fills our hungers?  How do we seek to negotiate the sometimes perilous waters of love?  This is a broad arena, hopefully not too broad..but I would very much appreciate thoughts here.  I can promise that if you dig into your thoughts, your successes and failures in the realm of love, your philosophies and rules and observations, that there is another endless treasure trove for your creative pleasure.

What is it that human beings want from themselves, each other, their communities, their God or Goddess, in the realm of love?

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