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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Conspiracy Theory, part II—Drugs, Bush I, and the CIA…

Again, I’m aware that there is no real logic here, but I can’t help the fact that this stuff swirls around in the back of my twisted little head…

Let me just lay it out in pieces.
Our current drug policy makes no sense to me. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, pot is illegal.  I don’t think that pot is harmless—I would consider it about on the level of beer.  If you eat it instead of smoking it, the risk goes down even further.  In addition, it would be very, very easy to make the case that it is much less dangerous…but I won’t bother.  What matters is that the current drug policy is created by people who smoke and drink, and therefore have subconscious motivations to project their own guilt and incongruence onto others.

as to other drugs?  On this subject I do have an opinion as to how to end the drug problem.  One creates a battery of tests or standards for measuring the danger of a drug.  Let it be medical: LD50, brain damage, deaths per thousand, violent acts per thousand at typical levels of intoxication, whatever.  Anything that tests less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco is legalized.  Tax it to the hilt, and sell it only in plain-wrap “package” stores.  Take the tax money—all of it, and all the profits, and roll it into drug treatment programs and anti-drug campaigns.  Price the product to undercut the street gangs and cartels. The effect to organized crime would be devastating.  The money saved in our prison systems could fund treatment programs like nobody’s business. No consumer product unable to advertise itself could survive the onslaught of a multi-billion dollar campaign against it.  But you know what?  Anyone who seriously proposed such a plan would be murdered. It serves no one’s interests to actually diminish the damage done to our country body by intoxication, the black market, and the unfair justice system that pretends to care about the lives of those it destroys.  So…this is just a joke.
I find the CIA-Crack connection to be plausible.  Not certain, but plausible.  I have sources that suggest it was not a planned thing.  That Congressional funding for certain Central American black ops got cut, leaving operations officers with networks of hungry soldiers and no way to pay them.  But they also had access to cocaine, and means of smuggling it to America, and superiors who turned a blind eye… a recipe for disaster. Remember that line from The Godfather?  “I say we import the drugs, but confine it to the Coloreds. They have no souls anyway.”  Anyone who doesn’t think there are plenty of people who think just exactly this way about any group that isn’t “theirs” simply hasn’t gotten out much.
“Just Say No.”  Now, the whole CIA thing, if it happened, seems to have happened during the time that George Bush I was either head of the CIA, or in the executive. And the “Just Say No” campaign blossomed during the same time.  The combination of crack and a crack-down was devastating to black neighborhoods. In the back of my mind, I connect the dots.  I wonder if a single mind could have dreamed up both pieces of this, and realized that they  could simultaneously further a secret war, and tear the black underclass a new one.  And if that conversation ever took place, that would be about as close to pure human evil as anything I’ve ever thought of.

Do I really think it happened?  Not really. 
Am I afraid it might have?  Wellll…let’s just say that I’ve never been able to get the possibility completely out of my mind.

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