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Sunday, November 28, 2010

YOUR Chance to Go For The Gold!

All right...I've been busy as heck for the last year. ..and we're finally ready to peel back the curtain and let everyone see what Scott Sonnon and I have been up to. You'll have the chance to get a totally free workout, earn a chance at 5000.00, and be the first to see what I honestly believe to be the most advanced body/mind product ever created. Hell, it might be the FIRST real body-mind product, in several critical ways. Here you go...


On September 18th, 2010, a 40 year old athlete, retired due to physical and psychological trauma, exited that retirement and entered the World Martial Arts Games in Las Vegas Nevada, against some of the finest competition on Earth.

At stake? Merely everything: his body, his reputation, and the company he had spent a decade building. Some said it was for the Gold medals, some for glory, and some for the sheer honor of honest competition. All of that was true, but there was something else that few suspected.

After twenty years of study...ten months of grueling training...two days of soul-shredding exhaustion and all-out, flesh-tearing, competition against behemoths ten years younger and 100 pounds heavier...

He had done something no one in the audience, and none of his competition ever suspected: proven something critical, in the most pitiless laboratory on Earth. And only then was he ready to share it with the public.

What was it? All we'll say is that you won't have to pay the price Scott Sonnon paid. And it won't take you twenty years.

You only have to wait a few more days...and take a chance at winning F I V E T H O U S A N D D O L L A R S.

We're still keeping our cards close to the vest, but you can learn just a little more...HERE


Steve Perry said...

No argument that it was an accomplishment beyond most, and kudos to Scott for taking the risk. Can't take anything away from him, balls to brawn to brains.

That said, I'll be much more impressed if he's still doing it at my age -- if I'm still here to see it.

And you know how I feel about the hype. Tell me you can teach me how to swim more efficiently, that's cool. If I'm hearing hints you can teach me to walk on water? Not so much ready to believe that one.

I realize I'm not Scott's target audience, and that's okay, but when he can sell me, then maybe he can start looking for a fleet of trucks to haul all that money to the bank ...

Here's a marketing ploy: Go find a bunch of old farts with their arms crossed and saying "Bullshit!" and convince them. Or women in their fifties or sixties. Lot more of them then there are best-of-the-best-of-the-best ...

Steve Perry said...

"than," not "then." Mea culpa.

AF1 said...

Maybe Steve Perry get a free copy so that he can do the workout and post a review on his blog?

Steven Barnes said...

I'd be happy to supply you with a free copy, Steve. Pretty simple idea, if a couple of basic premises are true:
1) If you simultaneously work on all three levels, you will identify the truth about yourself rather rapidly.
2) If you have a way of processing the fear experienced as you move forward, it increases efficiency.
3) There are a number of good, solid life-guidance philosophies that have been tested over time. If one can identify them and implant them with overlapping grids, you give the student a chance to learn what THEY need to progress.

Have we identified enough compatible technology to create the effect we're looking for? Well, there is a lot of good laboratory science behind much of it, a giant amount of anecdotal and experiential evidence behind almost all the rest--and a couple of good guesses.

Steve Perry said...

Um, Barnes? Who are you talking to? I mean, it's got my name at the top, but it can't be me. How many folks my age you know that are better adjusted to their lives than I? Mentally, spiritually, physically?

Mind-body-spirit integration is a great goal and more power to you for working on it and coming up with something of value. Never argued otherwise.

I wasn't trying to score a free copy of the program. I've never been the target audience for it -- I'm not the guy saying it's all bullshit and it won't work; I'm the guy who has been saying dial down the hype -- you don't need to gild the lily.

With all due modesty, kid, I figure i'm more in tune with the truth about myself than a whole bunch of people. You think you are gonna sell me by talking about ways for me to process my fear as I go forward?

I immodestly assert that I am in better shape than I *need* to be in, and pretty much at the level I *want* to be in -- I figure my cost/benefit ratio is fairly balanced. Stuff that needs work is getting it.

If I was interested in bench-pressing a Volvo or kicking the asses of a bunch guys half my age, I'd have to do some serious work, but since I'm not interested in doing those, why would I spend that time and energy doing so?