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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Change Your Body, Change Your Destiny

(Anyone who has been following me for the last twenty years knows that I've been working to integrate a full body-mind approach. The breakdown was that I could find no physical technique powerful enough to complement the mental and emotional aspects of LIFEWRITING. That...has changed. I've known International Martial Arts champion Scott for eight years, been been both student and friend of this remarkable man. For the last year, we've been working on an integration of our approaches to body-mind fitness, and are finally ready to share the results. Before TACFIT Warrior is released to the general public, here's last your chance to become part of something very special, VERY exclusive, and very profitable...)


TACFIT $5,000 Giveaway: Forge your Body-Forge your Destiny

Don't let the $5,000 be the ONLY reason that you transform your life. Sure, being given five grand will certainly encourage someone to take a leap, but it's only a bridge to recapturing the limitless potential of intrinsic motivation. But before we can feel intrinsically motivated, we need to be able to change our untrackable, unpredictable and undesirable habits.

Want to know how to change any behavior, any habit? We made a promise, and here's the answer:


1. Identify the habit you wish to change.

2. Identify what you want to change it to.

3. Raise your energy level.

4. Practice the new habit.

5. Fail successfully.

6. Start over again.

Not only has this process been instrumental in taking my business from out of the garage 15 years ago, to an international organization with gyms and centers worldwide... not only has it transformed my mental faculties from severe learning disability to becoming a keynote speaker for MENSA, FLETC and the NSCA... not only has it resurrected me from being deemed physiologically double my chronological age to HALF, but it is a repeatable, trackable, predictable, knowable science that thousands of students of mine have used for success in their lives.

Unfortunately, most people fail because they:

1. Know what they don't want, but not what they want.

2. Don't raise their energy level before attempting the change.

3. Don't understand the cyclical nature of life: you have to fall off the horse many times before you really learn to ride.

Anyone who has maintained a regular exercise routine knows these things, organically: in other words, they already know everything they need to know to succeed at anything they may ever wish to be, have, or do in life. The secret of how to transfer those skills from one arena to another has been hidden...

Until now. Beginning tomorrow, you will discover TACFIT Warrior: The Science of Mind-Body Exercise

And your life may never be the same.

(Pssst! Want a peek at the future? Did you know that certain types of exercise can actually improve cognitive function -- can actually make you SMARTER? Tomorrow, you'll have your chance to download a TOTALLY FREE mind-body workout challenge, just a little "peek" at the kind of exercise program your grandchildren will take for granted!)

And with that sneak peak, we are one day closer to the most radical fitness contest in the history of the internet... check out this video for clues on how you'll become the owner of 5Gs (and much more as a result)!

Who Dares Wins,
Scott Sonnon

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