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Monday, November 29, 2010

TACFIT Warrior is almost here...

You guys know I've been promoting the idea of a body/mind connection for years. This is the very very first time I've ever been able to put the whole thing together in one package. Frankly, I couldn't do it by myself--I needed an expert in physical training, and Scott Sonnon is the best I've ever found.'s the second peek at what we're doing, as well as "Insider Access" to the $5,000 Giveaway. This is something very special--there has never been a program like this, or an opportunity like this. Click here or keep read more----->

When Scott Sonnon decided to risk it all at the World Martial Arts Games in Las Vegas on a mad attempt to finally, once and for all, prove that something he had used since childhood, something validated by his Russian coaches... something he had proven in coaching of Russian Spetznaz, Israeli Special Forces, US Marshals, and other elite teams around the world... could accomplish the "impossible" in the civilian world... and was prepared to risk the company he'd spent well over a decade creating (imagine the crowing of his internet critics if he'd lost! The YouTube videos would have gone viral in minutes)... his laconic Russian business partner had just nine words for he:

"Well... I guess you'd better win then, hadn't you?"

To have any hope of this he needed a team, a KILLER team of coaches, people with more than mere skills. He had to be able to trust them implicitly, because they would literally have his life in their hands. And as important as the various physical coaches would be, his mental fitness would be just as critical.

And I am honored beyond belief that I was chosen to stand beside him.

I wear a lot of hats. Besides being a New York Times bestselling writer, I have a coaching credential in Scott's exclusive Circular Strength Training system, as well as a Master level hypnotist credential, work as a life coach, and am former Kung Fu columnist for Black Belt Magazine. A yoga and tai chi instructor, I also have three black belts, and have lectured on the structure of myth and consciousness at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. At the prestigious Moonview Clinic in Santa Monica, California, I've provided stress counseling and physical integration support for movie stars, princes, and captains of industry.

And I had theories of my own, worked out over forty years of study. I'd taught pieces of it to thousands of Lifewriting and Tai Chi students...but never had the chance to put it all together.

Scott and I have been friends for years, together created the breakthrough Path Workshops, where we shared a very tiny cluster of high-level technologies with a select group before tucking those radical ideas back "in the vault" for years for further testing. Despite fantastic, life-altering results, more integration was needed: we wanted a "turn-key" system, where clients could expect maximum results for minimum time and sweat.

Now the final moment had come, and Scott believed that I had the skills and the heart to help him on this critical passage. For ten months, we worked together closely. I wanted to be certain that Scott's goals were clear, and in alignment with his values, beliefs, and emotions; that he was taking this risk not for ego, but for higher goals that would inspire him through the inevitable fatigue and discouragement to come.

We were also clear on another "hidden" goal, one which, in all honesty, would not be revealed to the public unless things went well in Vegas.

And what happened...?

Scott came home with a locked jaw, a dislocated rib, a herniated spine, a loose tooth, total exhaustion, and... FOUR gold medals, a silver, and a bronze!

The truth was evident. Inarguable. The stage was set.

And we were ready to create something new. Something that had never existed before, for which the entire scope of previous RMAX productions had only been a foundation, and that my own LIFEWRITING, Hero's Journey, and other teachings had never been able to nail down--I hadn't possessed the right PHYSICAL "core" for my work. That issue no longer existed.

We wanted to have done the work for you, my friends. To make it so simple to succeed that all you have to add is sweat.

Click for a clue!

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Be The Hero In The Adventure of your lifetime!

Steven Barnes


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Hi Steve

I look forward to this stimulating program Scott and yourself have put together. I look forward to the benefits of your hard work.

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