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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sandra Bullock: 'It Was Important To Adopt From The U.S.'

The expense and energy many have expended to adopt children from overseas, when so many need mommys and/or daddys right here...I have seen beautiful results of such overseas adoptions, but can never forget the domestic orphans and children in need. My son was adopted from Florida, and the experience has been wonderful. While each adoptive parent must do what they consider closest to their heart, I beg you to consider a charity that begins at home. But whatever decision is made, just give your whole heart to that child...and automatically, the world becomes a better place.
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Mike Ralls said...

Not saying I disagree, because I'm not sure I do, but just to raise the issue; From a purely utilitarian standpoint who's happiness and well being is increased more, a child adopted into a loving family in the US from a US orphanage, or a child adopted into a loving family in the US from a third-world hell-hole orphanage? If not adopted into a US family, the third-world child stands a much greater chance of dieing from disease, neglect, malnutrition, violence, etc, then their US counterpart does.

Anonymous said...

"...a child adopted into a loving family in the US from a US orphanage..."

How many of those even exist these days, anyway? I thought most kids up for adoption in the U.S. were either waiting with their birth mothers for adoption via private agencies or waiting in foster homes (sometimes several foster homes per one child bounced from foster home to foster home) for adoption via public agencies.