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Monday, May 03, 2010

Charlie Kaufman Is A Humble Genius. 'Synecdoche' At Ebertfest

"Synecdoche" also deals with an artist who is endlessly, solipsistically self-referential, who postpones his entire life until he can understand it, or place it in perspective, or "get his mind around it." The folly of this--that even with infinite resources and a fantasy level of genius, the total comprehension of our reality is simply beyond the conscious mind. That life is to be lived, and art shared--not merely dissected or frozen for understanding. A brilliant movie, but guaranteed to irritate those who think they can understand themselves, or their lives, on a conscious level.
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LaVeda H. Mason said...


I'm gonna start wearing my tinfoil hat for true, Steve... another one that hit home...

Bennett said...

Man, this movie is either going to be brilliant or abominable. That's usually my subjective impression of flicks that lean on such a daring 'concept'.

Also... that Human Centipede thing was awful. I have an unusually high threshold for awful, and it was /awful/. Good tip.

Anonymous said...

I too am wary of the Human Centipede trailer.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't have known about Pumzi and watched its great trailer if not for a web search I did while thinking about stuff I read here.

I want to watch this 20-minute movie shown at Sundance. I want to watch the full-length version after Wanuri Kahiu succeeds in directing it (see )

Then when I was looking for stuff on Pumzi, I found out about Kajola:

Personally, I wasn't as impressed with this trailer as with the one for Pumzi, but who knows what the final cut (and *its* trailers) will be like?

suzanne said...

Synecdoche is a fantastic flick
if you liked Charlie Kaufman's other movies
you'll like it

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