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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Capetown video

My Mac problems over the last weeks seems to have been caused by a bad hard drive, which Apple is replacing now. Back up, people. Carbonite works well.
I'm also experimenting with Drop Box. So far, no one has a program that enables you to put stuff on the IPad back INTO the Drop Box, which is a dynamite cross-platform storage utility. Put a file in on one computer, and it's automatically updated across all your other computers (if you have DP installed). Very, very nice, and another step into the Clouds.
So yesterday I get a film query about CHARISMA, and also DEVIL'S WAKE. This is amusing. I'm feeling just a tiny bit like Al Pacino in GODFATHER III. "Every time I try to get out, they pull me right back in!" What fun.
All right: here's the embed for CAPETOWN!


Steve Perry said...

Oh, and by the way, it's a great read and a hoot.

Cries out to be made into a movie.

Vern McGeorge said...

I also switched to dropbox when I got my new laptop. I pretty much keep all "My Documents" type stuff in dropbox (but not music as this would put me over 50GB) and I love that fact that I can change a file on any platform (WinXP, Win7, Mac, or Ubuntu running on physical hardware or as a virtual machine) and the change is quickly reflected across all my running systems.

MTimonin said...

Steve - why are you using Dropbox and not, say, Google docs? Just curious.

re: trailer - looks hawt! I want very much to see a series of Tennyson Hardwick movies - although, y'know, you're going to struggle to get that R rating, if filmed as written. Looking forward to reading Capetown. Not so jazzed about the whole Vook concept, though...

Anonymous said...

The left and middle of the trailer were very impressive! :)

The right of the trailer was covered up by the right-hand column. :/