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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, and all other women who make the world a warmer, more loving place for past, present, and future children. Bless you.

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Scott said...

Lena Horne is gone.

Reading her bio on wikipedia is interesting; integration's come a very long way. Lena "... was never featured in a leading role because of her race and the fact that films featuring her had to be re-edited for showing in states where theaters could not show films with black performers.... Horne wanted to be considered for the role of Julie LaVerne in MGM's 1951 version of Show Boat (having already played the role when a segment of Show Boat was performed in Till the Clouds Roll By) but lost the part to Ava Gardner, a personal friend in real life, due to the Production Code's ban on interracial relationships in films."