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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What an individual needs to succeed

10 basic principles

In general, here are some of the most important things for an individual:
1) The ability to be blisteringly honest, but courageously compassionate.
2) The ability to set clear goals in alignment with the deepest values and beliefs.
3) The capacity to believe in Self deeply.
4) A knowledge of past actions (positive and negative) without that knowledge limiting future options.
5) The ability to take action despite the “noise” of internal voices, if those actions are in alignment with deeply held values and beliefs.
6) The ability to postpone gratification, to move toward a worthy goal in an incremental fashion.
7) The ability to create healthy bonded teams of allies to reach those goals unreachable by an individual. The ability to create a primary bond with another adult, equal human being.
8) The ability to shift fluidly from “Yin” to “Yang”—from female to male modes of thought and action—depending on the circumstance.
9) The ability to raise and focus the physical and emotional energies on command.
10) A grounding in the physical body sufficient to provide accurate feedback about the material world.


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