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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Firing God"

Good morning Steven,

I have been refer to you by David Roel in regards to a question pertaining to the Hero's Journal emails that are sent out, in particular, the hero refuses the challenge email.

My question is, how does one know the difference between refusing the challenge and moving on from a situation?
Obviously, I ask this because I find myself in such a situation. I have been dreaming quite a bit lately and as you suggested in your emails, I have been keeping a journal to record my dreams as well as my thoughts pertaining to them. I typically don't dream this vividly and I've learned from past experiences that when I do, those dreams tend to be significant.

To give an example, I had a multiple part dream in mid 2003 that preceded my Army deployment overseas in 2004.

I will add two things...
1) a couple of months ago, I fired God and decided that I would do it myself. By this I don't mean that I don't believe in God, just that I have chosen to no longer rely on God. As Miyamoto Musashi indicates as part of "The way of walking alone", item 19... "Respect Buddha and the Gods without counting on their help". I will be honest though... I'm still working on the respect part.
2) From that moment until now... I feel so much better about my life. Much more centered and balanced, as well as more clearly defined boundaries.

Please feel free to ask questions if you feel it'll help to answer my question.

Thank you for your time,

Dear Frank--

1)  Look into your personal history.     If you have a pattern of going 90% of the way and turning back, then it might be wise to set a goal JUST to practice following through.  Knowing whether it is really time to quit, or just refusal of the challenge is as much art as science.  In general, if you are moving forward in all three arenas of your life, you really DO have to pick and choose between the various options, and cannot take on every possible challenge.  What would you think if you were advising your own son on this matter?

2) “Fired God”.   I love the idea, even if you may have phrased it a bit harshly.    It’s more like “stopped insulting God by refusing to use the gifts of agency, energy, and intelligence He gave me at birth” to me.   The “Secret Formula” suggests that if you want luck, or blessings, you have to design a path to success that doesn’t require it.   YOU have to be responsible for 95% of it--not friends, associates, or God.   That may mean scaling down your dreams (or at least the first step toward them)  until they fit within your current resource circle.  GOALS X FAITH X ACTION X GRATITUDE = RESULTS.   When you’ve successfully taken the first step, it is like moving forward in the fog: a little bit more will be revealed.  Take enough incremental steps, and it is as if the universe begins to notice, and says: “hey!  This one is taking responsibility for his own fate!   My kind of guy.  Let’s give him a little help.”  Not only that, but people love positive energy.  The whole world loves a winner.   Start taking successful action, and potential allies will come sniffing around.  It is cruel and bizarre in its precision, and you may have to experience it to believe it.  To put it another way...if you aren’t praying hard enough to motivate yourself to do EVERYTHING you possibly can, damn your fears and false ego...what makes you think those prayers will move inanimate objects or strangers?  Get real.

3) Clearly defined boundaries are great.  Consider them like the shell of an egg or wall of a cocoon, protecting you as you gestate. The goal is to find your center and not NEED an external shell, if said shell numbs you at all.  You need feedback from your environment. That means that you have to FEEL what is happening, and as rapidly as possible.  That means that you have to have a spine, not a shell.  Does that make sense?  But we’re talking stages of development, not an absolute state.  A vector.   Right now, it sounds as if you are taking care of business.


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Anonymous said...

Your article intrigued me, especially since I've just written a book entitled "Firing God" to be published by Nonduality Press in the Fall 2014 ( I too decided to stop trying to outsmart myself. It isn't I had to say bye-bye to "God". It's the best decision I'll ever make--which was actually no decision at all.