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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take the red pill

For multiple reasons (chiefly among them the existence of intantaneous communication beyond line-of-sight, and the current non-lineear, non-hierarchical thingie called the World Wide Web--representing humanity’s central nervous system)   This generation, I believe, is a tipping point for humanity.   And I believe we are tipping toward awareness. Wakefulness. And the demons who feed on us in our sleep are like Mr. Smith in THE MATRIX--just go to sleep.  Go to sleep.  Take the blue pill, eat the steak, and forget whose side it was carved from, and at what cost.
I am still sleeping more than I like.  But I’m committed to waking up.  And I recognize the brothers and sisters with similar commitment.  We may stumble.  We may nap.  But we prefer waking to sleeping.   An honest bowl of gruel to the illusion of Cordon Bleu.   They are my tribe. And they are growing.
The rest? Have a very nice dream, honestly.   Have a steak for me.  With freedom fries.




Anonymous said...

I was introduced to your novels Lion's Blood and Zulu Heart late last year and loved them! I understand there is a possibility of a third novel, Bronze Nile?


Steven Barnes said...

There is a third novel in the hopper, but I dont' know when it will be written. Fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

I will be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include, game free:
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