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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What to offer the world

As writer, parent, lover, teacher…

 Don’t try to change people’s politics,
religion, or life path.  All that is required
 is to help them clarify their values,
center on their hearts, and then to see
 if their life actions are in alignment
with both.  See?   Emotion, thought,
 and action all together in a single
line of light.    Such alignment leads
 to awakening.    Fractionating: acting
 one way, feeling another, acting a
third…or numbing yourself to one
 of these aspects so that the other
two can survive…is the road to hell.

All else is “just” technique or method.
 All technique and methodology must
 be in the service of awakening, or
it is just dreaming…or worse, it is

Wake up.


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