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Friday, August 16, 2013

Scott Sonnon's FIVE CLASSICS--an instant classic of his own

Everyone knows that Scott Sonnon is my friend, teacher, and brother.   I’ve never been disappointed by anything he has produced in the arena of health and fitness, share his insights with my own family, and use them every damned day myself.  Still, I test EVERYTHING he does before I recommend it to you, because I feel that that is the nature of the trust we share. 

For the first time, with his new FIVE CLASSICS (  I don’t have to test one of his products.  Why?  Because I already have.   Due to my own research and practice, AND the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from Scott over the last decade, this is material I already know and practice.  Yoga, Tai Chi, and Joint Mobility are part of my own daily recovery work, and are more important than the ordinary “training” and “practice” elements of my routine.

Why?  Because not only are they the essential motions for health, but also the elementary motor components for any movement art, especially martial arts.

But even if you have no sport, are not a martial artist, the “ FIVE CLASSICS ” program is something very special:  While every movement is available to anyone of almost any fitness level, they are the foundation for truly sophisticated fitness.

More, they contain wisdom gathered from around the world, directly addressing my belief that no single culture has the entire picture…or had, until the 20th and 21st Centuries, when a global culture made it possible to compare these gems and gather them together in a single encompassing program.

There is a phenomenon known as “Sensory Motor Amnesia.”  Literally, if you don’t have a whole-body discipline that engages you with The Flesh on a daily basis, you literally begin to forget how your body works.   Where it is in three-dimensional space.  Forget the hard-won lessons you fought your way to by infantile exploration, then crawling, then wobble-walking, and then running.

We forget how our bodies work, and there is such a vast body of ailments, accidents, and related disconnects as a result it would take hours to discuss them all.  Add to this the Hawaiian Huna belief that unprocessed emotions are stored in our bodies like a “black bag” and you have a recipe for disaster.

Scott’s “ FIVE CLASSICS ” is a gem.   A ten-minute daily program that takes the “joint mobility” idea and Supersizes it to literally helping you reclaim your natural aliveness.  Covering familiar disciplines like yoga and mobility, it goes into Chinese, Persian, Russian and other arts, skims the cream, and gives you a program moving from one to another modality.  It wouldn’t be possible to practice this without becoming, by ordinary modern terms, a physical genius.  Most people simply have no concept of what they have lost, or what a marvel their body is.

“Five Classics” is simple, straight-forward, and contains my brother Scott’s usual casual brilliance.    It also has the usual bullet-proof money-back guarantee.   Even if you have no interest in “fitness”, this one is for you.  Ten minutes a day to reclaim your body.    Sleep better.  Heal a bad back.  Recover from sports injuries.   Enhance recovery from exercise.    Increase energy.  Decrease stress.   There’s more, but unless you have actually engaged with these technologies, you won’t believe me so I’ll stop there.

If you know a better deal, go for it.  But if you don’t, get  FIVE CLASSICS  while the special offer is alive.  You won’t be sorry!


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