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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Terminator of love

The Terminator of love

Arnold Schwarzenegger, whatever one may

think of his politics, movies, or personal

life, had a formula he believed was

responsible for his success:

1) Have clearer goalsthan anyone else.

2) Believe in yourself more than anyone else

3) Work harder than anyone else.

Considering that he was massively

successful in film, sports, real estate,

publishing, and politics it would

seem reasonable to extract the positive

aspects of his philosophy and... then

examine what may have gone wrong.

All evidence suggests that Arnold is

not only a physical marvel but

simply insanely sexual, and that that

behavior may be in conflict with his

conservative religious and political

beliefs. Remember what we said

yesterday, that if your goals, beliefs,

values and emotional anchors are

not aligned, you will damage yourself?

Well, as you release more power into

your life (increasing energy and

motivation), and simultaneously

release your brakes (increasing clarity

and supportive beliefs) it is like

souping-up a car engine. The faster

the car the more likely it is to drive

only on a carefully maintained track,

or an empty salt flat. As you pick up

"speed" in your life, you have to get

your "speed bumps" out of the way.

What if Arnold had kept that sexual

energy safely locked into his relationship

with Maria? Or if they had had formal

agreements about its use in their lives?

Or even if he had been sensible

enough to use proper contraception?

Or not to engage sexually with

household staff (a no brainer!)

Or how about...simply being honest?

The exact same energy that motivates

us can destroy us. On an instinctive

level we understand this, and many

men and women avoid expressing

their beauty and power, literally

avoid pursuing their dreams for

fear they will somehow bring pain

into their lives. Our goal has

to be to help you increase your

power in a manner that SERVES

your life rather than damaging it.

1) Can you envision what you want in life?

See it, taste it, "touch" it, and hear it?

2) Rewrite your goals daily, a ritual

that helps to remind you why you

must take continuous action to reach your


3) Be certain that that increase in fitness,

success, wealth, knowledge and pleasure

serves both you, your relationships, and

the community around you.

4) Make your primary relationship

your most powerful "mastermind"

partnership. Remember: love isn't

two people looking at each other. It

is two people looking in the same direction.


(p.s.--the fear of success is as powerful

as the fear of failure! You'll need to

whip both to access your true power

and potential!)

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