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Friday, February 03, 2012

Every Day A Victory

Everything that I'm talking about has to do with becoming an awake, aware adult human being. That's it. Learning to raise and control your energy (the Chakras), gaining a sense of the "arc" of human life (the Hero's Journey), learning to produce health and wealth to "ground" your life (Maslow's Hierarchy), creating human bonds (the Soulmate Process)...all of these things are simply to examine the same phenomenon of growth, from a hundred different directions.

While my ultimate intent is to guide people to that "autonomous awakened adult" position, it is critical to nurture the roots of the tree if you would enjoy the fruit. That means TAKE CARE OF YOUR BASICS.

Body, mind, relationship, and finances. Put 20% of your attention in three of them, and 30% in the weakest arena. Hold back 10% of your attention for "putting out fires", rotating between areas to see what needs the most help.

But that should you nurture it? Well...remember the Five Minute Miracle, the basis of all of this? Taking 5 sixty-second "breathing breaks" during every day, one every three hours? Well here are three suggestions:

1) While breathing slowly and deeply, assume a sense of purpose and power.

2) Visualize your long-term goal. What the healing of your weakest area will bring to you. See and feel the joy and satisfaction of ultimate accomplishment.

3) Visualize your current DAILY goal. What is it that you must accomplish today, as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal? See yourself CRUSHING it. Accomplishing it with style and grace, passion and purpose. Feel how today's action is a glorious step toward that ultimate goal.

Be sure that your daily goals are scaled down small enough that you can actually accomplish them. NEVER go to bed without having taken at least one step toward your ultimate goal. Never. Ever.

Make every day a victory.


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