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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I thought I'd have more time..."

I spent last weekend in Tallahassee Florida, laying my wife's wonderful mother to rest. Funerals are always sad, but hundreds of people turned out, the Mayor spoke, there was an ROTC honor guard, a police escort, and media coverage from CNN to the BBC. Wow. I was reminded one more time how a single person's life can touch so many.

Remember that your day will come too. And you can either fear that moment, be vacantly resigned to it, or actually use that inevitability to drive you.

1) What do you want people to remember about you? Say about you at your funeral?

2) What of your dreams remain unfinished? From the perspective of your death bed, what would be a life well lived?

3) Considering that you must die at the end of life, no material accomplishments are unreasonable to strive toward. What have you never dared to ask for?

4) On her deathbed, Mom said (as so many do): "I thought I'd have more time." If you only had one more year of life, what would you spend it doing?

5) What is the greatest change you wish to make in the world?

6) What can you do TODAY that you've been putting off?


Wow! Just launched a new product yesterday, the beginning of something very different. I'm not going to talk about this much right here and now, because this page is "family friendly." But the new project has to do with the most controversial chapter of "Think And Grow Rich"--"The Mystery of Sex Transmutation." I've brought in a dear friend, sexual surrogate and sex energy master Mukee Okan, and we're doing something ONLY for adults interested in

1) Better Sex and

2) More money and

3) The forgotten connection between them.

Seriously...I'm not talking about it here, so if you're interested just go to and sign up. Of course it's free!

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