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Monday, August 18, 2008

New NPR piece airing tonight

On All Things Considered.


Mike R said...

The Onion had a great article back when they were funny about how SK was given a book to sign and he didn't remember writing it.

Turns out that more or less happened with Cujo. In "On Writing" he said he was so drunk and high when he wrote it that he doesn't actually remember the act of writing it.

Anonymous said...

Steve -

I've heard you speak a few a times now and don't take this as a "brown-nose, fan-boy" comment, but you have a great speaking voice. Have you ever considered doing an audio version of one of your own books? I listen to a lot of audio books as I spend an inordinate amount of time in the car. I'm not a gonzo Stephen King fan, but I have particularly enjoyed the audio books that he personally reads. Granted he's not a trained voice, but there is something to be said for the author reading his own work; it makes for an altogether different experience than when an actor or director interprets the novel.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to admit I agree with Scott that you should definitely do more reads. That had the feel of a professional actor. The person reading that resonated strength and confidence without a doubt or question.

Now, on the not a "brown nose" point of view, I thought your selections were a little conservative and possibly lame. As a professional writer shouldn't you be showing me something I haven't seen before?

I would have gone with Harlan's "A Boy and His Dog". And then I would have gone with a modern science fiction story called "The People of Sand and Slag", which features a wild dog that shows up in the future but we don't understand anybody in this future so they don't know whether to raise it or eat it. The future is strange and we won't get people in the future. It's also a kind of answer to a "Boy and His Dog". You can read this story here. Very Greg Egan disturbing.

For a third choice I probably would have gone with something like Jack London's White Fang but maybe these choices wouldn't attract the NPR crowd you never know. For a fourth choice I might have gone with Alan Moore's Top Ten futuristic cop story that features a talking dog sargeant.

Philip Shropshire

Steven Barnes said...

Good selections! But "Boy and his dog" is a novella, not a book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment. They're kinda rare. But don't forget you could have also mentioned the sequel that Harlan wrote, now I could cheat and use Google but let's be fair, I think it was called "Blood and Rover". I think he did one or two more stories in that world and released it as a longer book, probably out of print. Still not looking at Google. I guess you could cheat and mention these stories as part of larger anthologies and that would get you a book but I don't know the rules of your piece...

Philip Shropshire

PS: This is a bit off topic but I'm curious about what you think about these two online efforts. You could promote your own work this way as well. Instead of approaching black hollywood, approach black folks who have made their name in gaming. You already know actors, plus this new and disturbing tech (make this three dimensional and holosuites are a go...)

Plus, with your vocal skills. Well, I'm curious:

and this from Joss Whedon.

You could do the same with your work...I think...

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