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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

101 on the way...

Starting with the third circuit of Jeff Martone's "Kettlebell Circuit Training" DVD, it gets really, REALLY interesting. It is less like weight lifting or "exercise" than it is skill development, and that kicks into the "play" wiring in our brains. You are so involved with learning a skill that you don't notice that you're seriously taxing virtually every muscle and tendon in your body. Combine it with the Tibetans? You have a whole-body workout that takes 90 minutes a week, and applies beautifully to sports performance. And requires only a single kettlebell. An average of 15 minutes a day. Good stuff.


the 101 program is almost ready to go. It will happen like this: the minute Mushtaq tells me he's ready we'll have some kind of sign-up area, a button, or you'll send me your email addresses. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THEN. You'll start getting the first of 101 daily emails, with PDF attachments, as well as entry to a members-only forum.

I'll be soliciting feedback on the daily emails. They'll be rough at first, but with your input will improve. As soon as we like the feedback, we'll start advertising the 101 as a commercial venture. There are several core goals:

1) To provide a doorway to methods of personal development that actually work.

2) To help facilitate the state we've called "Human Adulthood"--taking responsibility for your own life and emotions, as well as the results we get.

3) Practical results for the average person: less stress, weight loss, more personal efficiency, deeper connection to your emotions, greater empathy for others, self-love, increased energy. There are others, but as they said in Babe, "that'll do."

4) We want to identify web sites, books and courses that offer genuine value in the arenas of physical health, financial security, and emotional connectedness. Suggestions will be noted and investigated. If I approve, links will be offered.

5) Examples of these principles operating in all major religions will be noted. As well as references for atheists and agnostics. This is non-sectarian as can be.

6)While awakening and adulthood are important parts of this program, "enlightenment" is not--but a person who is integrating these lessons in a balanced way would be a better candidate than most.


Lester Spence said...

What are the benefits of the fasting component for people who aren't interested in losing weight, and may not NEED (health wise) more weight loss?

Anonymous said...

"Dave Freeman, co-author of “100 Things to Do Before You Die,” a travel guide and ode to odd adventures that inspired readers and imitators, died on Aug. 17 after a fall at his home in the Venice section of Los Angeles. He was 47."


It seems he had done about half the things in the book.

Just a reminder that none of us have any time to spare.

Steven Barnes said...

I don't fast for weight loss. My motivations for this on the 101 program would include

1) Raising energy
2) Discipline
3) Learning to deal with some core, powerful demons
4) Saving time
5) Mental clarity
The general life benefits would add health and longevity to this.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this.. my doc said 1 or 2 days of fasting only... but it should help.

Donnon said...

I know you have little time to spare, but you really should check out Ken Wilber's activity. There's much worth your time there that you would gain from, I think. -Dave in Anaheim.

Unknown said...

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