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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ten point plan to an immortal aristocracy...

The following was sent to me by Jenni. Thought I'd share it...


1. The Right to be here. To take up space
2. The Right to need something. To be assertive about your needs.
3. The Right to separate and be yourself.
4. The Right to speak your own Truth and to move from Truth to Truth
5. The Right to autonomy with Support
6. The Right to follow your own bliss. To be sensual and lovable.
7. The Right to find your own spiritual path.

Cindy Carter, Ph.D.(2004)
This secret memo crossed my dream desk last night...
How to get an near-immortal, hereditary aristocracy…

1)Today I heard a news item about a bill that would allow prisoners to take time off their sentences in exchange for tissue or organ donation. Great! Can't let China take the lead here! Combine this with
2) Differential legal treatment based upon income (more money, less time or sentencing)
3) Keep the “War on Drugs” going strong. Great for filling prisons!
4) Cut social services that provide a safety net for the poor. It might be useful to bankrupt the country to make this inevitable. A nice, endless “war on terror”would work well, especially if we attack the wrong countries. Zowie!
5) Trim or eliminate inheritance taxes.
6) Privatize schools on a broad scale without testing the intermediate steps to make sure it will work.
7) Gut College aid programs. Those with money are thereby guaranteed a permanent advantage.
8) Keep the army volunteer. In this way, the burden will be disproportionately carried by the poor, and the psychological damage of warfare will continue to destroy the lower class.
9) Fight like hell to prevent a National Health Care system. Even with such a system, the wealthy would have advantages. But with it, Wow! Gigantic advantage, once again multiplied across generations.
10) Keep people angry with each other, so they won't notice how powerful and "life-like" corporations are becoming. For instance, by focusing illegal immigration reform on the one thing guaranteed NOT to work (stopping the flow of people primarily through direct apprehension. This is a perfect example of the "War on Drugs" mentality.) And avoiding the one approach that would probably be most successful: penalizing employers on a graduated scale. But reducing demand for the "product" would penalize the wrong social class. Better to concentrate efforts on what WON'T work, then throw up your hands and say "we're trying" while simultaneously focusing useful voter anger.

WE NEED THAT PERMANENT UNDERCLASS! And darn it, those pesky Negroes just won't cooperate enough!

Once we have the medical breakthroughs that will allow people to stay alive as long as they can pay big bucks, we’ll also have a permanent underclass we can control with unfair drug laws, lure into the military with promises of education, deny quality education based upon income, deny health care based on income, and all kindsa other fun stuff. Then once they are frustrated enough to break the law, we can harvest their organs to keep the top 1% alive. This should work great!

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