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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Intermittent Fasting?

Was doing some research on diet, which led me to Roy Walford's caloric restriction (the 120-year diet), which is based on the only legitimate, experiementally backed-up life extension approach I know of. But that led me to something called IF--intermittent Fasting, or eating every other day. More on this later, but right now I'm shocked. It seems to have all of the health benifits of caloric restriction, without the caloric restriction. Mice allowed to eat every other day ate as much as rats given free access to food--but lost weight, and were healthier by a dozen different markers. If this is legit, it implies a pretty safe, simple approach to health, lifespan, and weight. Has anyone out there heard of IF?


Anonymous said...

Abdullah Ibn `Amr said : The Messenger of Allah, peace, said : The fast most loved by Allah is the fast of Dawood/David and the most loved prayer is the prayer of Dawood/David. He used to sleep half the night, pray for a third of the night, and then sleep during the last sixth of the night. He would also fast one day and then eat on the next. [Ahmad]

Anonymous said...

Sorry no intro to myself, am very busy. Found your blogg by chance, some interesting stuff posted.

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