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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morning Thoughts

Up at 5 this morning for my time with Sensei Tim and his madmen. Interesting thing about that: the hypnogogic state is alive, man, and I can hear my subconscious roaring at me, all the reasons why I should just roll over and go back to bed…
I think that one of the reasons the Intermittent Fasting thing catches my attention has to do with the differences between it and the Caloric Restriction approach. CR has been on my radar for 15 years, and I figured I’d get around to it one day…but REALLY didn’t like what seemed to be an OCD level of planning and denial. IF is so much simpler it’s spooky. Doesn’t make it easier, though…especially if you have emotional associations with food.

And this is one of the ways I find it interesting. Clearly, one must have a mature attitude toward caloric intake. The Child part of our personalities will scream and hop around on this one. I want! I want! I’m uncomfortable! I suspect that anyone who can actually handle the every-other-day eating program, in whatever way it is tried, is already miles more conscious than the average person. What a wake-up call! I would be tempted to call it a potential way to facilitate adulthood by learning to override unconscious behavior patterns intended to help us to full growth as children…but lead to obesity and illness in adulthood. More thought on this later, of course.

I’m trying the “Eat only after six one day, and then until six the next” approach. This gives 24 hour fasts, but you’re still eating every day. I may switch to the simpler every-other-day program. After all, THAT’S the one that has been experimentally verified. Can anyone think of a reason that the 6-6 program might not work as well?
I think the Bush administration definitely can sense a trap when they see one. Their reluctance to let Rove or Harriet Meyers testify under oath makes me think they fully remember what happened with Clinton, where a minor offense became an impeachable offense due to lying under oath. In my mind, the Republicans used that trap well. Let’s see what happens when it’s turned on them. Especially since I have the very bad feeling that this administration will go down in history as the most corrupt and inept in a century. And no, it isn’t my opinion that matters a damn. I think this will be the judgment of history, and of political pundits on both sides of the aisle. I have never, ever, ever seen so many blunders and bad doings under one roof. This is appalling.

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