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Monday, September 09, 2013

So I’ve been telling you how Amara Charles and I created the Art of Erotic Intelligence program.  We conducted a special event in December of 2012 in front of a live audience, testing and refining the approach.  Then, we had to transcribe the presentation.  We created supporting material, and then a step by step, a "Thirty Days to Erotic Intelligence” program to put the juice back into  your life, whether you have a partner or not.

Then  we added bonus after bonus, including  an annotated version of one of the greatest success texts in history, relating it to sensuality and sexuality.  The ART OF EROTIC INTELLIGENCE is not for children, or those who wish to remain asleep to their potential.   It is intended to be a step along  the path to Awakened Adulthood, acceptance of the challenge to embrace life on every level, and seize this one existence we have for all it's worth. 

Demanding that life give up all of its pleasures:  Health.  Wealth.  Love.  Happiness. Contribution.
Why not have it all?

This is a first, a joining of esoteric and practical considerations, opening the door to what can only be called a magical life.

To begin every day with a sense of possibility and gratitude.  To know how to raise your energy, then direct it to your own healing and awakening.  To fulfill all of your obligations with joy and creativity, every word, thought and act flowing toward your future as naturally as water flowing to the sea.
THIS is your birthright, heritage, and destiny.  And it is nothing less than this we want to give you.
How much is it?    I told an early tester the price I had in mind, and she said the following: “No!  It should be closer to $149; it is worth more than that...

My conscience would be clear if we charged 149.95.   Or 99.95. But we aren't .  The price is only 49.00, but because we want you, our “family” to have access first, for the first five days ONLY, until FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH  it will be only 39.95.   Then the price goes up to 49.95.   Order now!


(P.S.—as an added incentive, just for the first five days, until Friday September 13th, you will ALSO get two additional bonus MP3’s—Amara’s NINE EROGENOUS ZONES and Steve’s  ANCIENT CHILD meditation, perfect for emotional healing.  Don’t miss this opportunity!)

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It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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