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Friday, September 27, 2013

Leaving Atlanta

Atlanta was a necessary journey for Tananarive, and I adore her and Jason, so this is where I had to be, regardless of the cost.   Now I have to go back home, and see what my life is like.   There is, in all honesty, a huge question mark around much of it, but I can live with that.  It is what it is.   I suspect that teaching will be a larger part of my life than it has been in the past for multiple reasons. The largest is that so many of my teachers have died over the last few years, and that puts the burden of passing on the wonderful gifts they gave me.  Just have to figure out what form that will take, so that my family doesn't suffer in the process.  Thats...just logistics.    I’ll be doing more courses, more private coaching, more lecturing.  

But let me just offer to you a central truth: love yourselves, and each other.   Begin by asking what stops you from having a totally open heart.  Need to feel safer?   Made some mistakes in the past?
Then protect your heart by aligning it with your mind.  Clarify your values.  Know yourself.  Never enter a relationship with anyone who conflicts with your core values, or would diminish your self-respect.  Never enter intimate space with anyone who does not honor and support you.

Need more?  Connect with your child self.  Many of us cannot feel protective of ourselves, but CAN feel protective of our children, nieces, nephews.  It’s instinct.   So ask yourself: “what advice would I give my own most beloved child? Would I want them to behave this way?  Associate with this person?  Hold this belief?”

If you align your adult actions with your child’s heart and the values you hold most deeply, life becomes simple.  Not “easy”, but simple and clear.  And every step you take is taking you closer to your true self, and opens the door to your destiny.

There is nothing, nothing in all the world that is superior to the sense of growth, expansion, contribution…and owning your own life.

This is the core of everything I teach and do, everything I was ever given.  And it is my gift to you.

As I said yesterday, I feel like having fun as I drive across the country, but that means going outside the budget for the move.    The one area of flexibility I have is money generated on the Diamond Hour site, so I'm having a "moving sale" for the next few days,   The "MASTERING F.E.A.R.", "LIFEWRITING YEAR LONG", and   "ULTIMATE WRITER'S BUNDLE" courses will all be 1/2 off.  Several other courses are now part of the "pay whatever you can afford" program, and the rest are very reasonably priced.

If you've ever wanted to score one of these, please use this opportunity.  You'll save a ton, and I'll giggle my way across the country.


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Not a comment on this post, but I just read your review of DJANGO UNCHAINED from last year and you might want to check out the comments there. That is what happens when you don't close them.