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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I knew I needed a partner...

Yesterday, I was very, very happy to say that the Art of Erotic Intelligence course is ready to go, and will be available in just a few days.  The idea is to teach you how to use your passion to empower every aspect of your life, a core secret of high-performing lovers, artists, inventors and business folk since the beginning of time: energy is energy, but we don’t always understand how to access it.  But if you can release it in ANY arena of your life, you have the doorway to opening it in EVERY arena of your life.

 I knew I couldn’t write the  Art of Erotic Intelligence alone.     To be effective, it had to blend  male and female energies, and no matter how balanced I might be, I was always going to come down harder on the "male" side.  Fortunately,  I didn't have to go looking for someone to do this with.  For twenty years, it has been my honor to be friends with an extremely impressive teacher of Spiritual Sexuality, AMARA CHARLES.  Trained in traditions ranging from the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path to the Taoist sexual arts,  Amara has traveled the world gaining knowledge of these esoteric energies, and we've had endless conversations and friendly debates about how to harness, express, and teach them.  We never agreed totally, and it suddenly hit both of us--that lack of total convergence wasn’t a weakness, that was actually a strength! 

We were both sick of teachers who pretend to be in alignment on every little aspect of their teaching. 
The truth is that human beings never agree totally.  Heck, you don't totally agree with what you thought YESTERDAY! So we had a unique opportunity, because while we don't agree totally, we DO respect each other's positions.  Amara has mastered her discipline, and has clamoring, devoted students around the world.   She has  a beautiful sensual and emotional relationship with her lovely partner Sheyna, and has published numerous best-selling books and courses on the subjects of love, sexuality, and the spiritual life.    Amara  is a success by any standard I care to apply.  So we decided to try teaching a workshop together, and a little bit of magic happened...

And I’ll tell you more about it, very very soon!


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