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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Your Word Is What Counts

Getting ready for the first two-day Path seminars, I want to use the blog as an opportunity to empty out everything we’re trying to do.  First the goal:  to implement my life dream, self-directed human evolution.  The method:  By integrating body, mind, and emotion into a single spiritual path.  That’s the end result.  How the heck do we get there?

Scott and I are going to be creating a blueprint to transform the work shop into a workbook/DVD/CD plan.  I figure maybe a three-phase plan:

Phase 1: Healthy Career, Healthy relationships, Healthy body.   Most people frankly don’t have any idea at all how to even begin having all three.  We’ll use some basic tools from both our work: Lifewriting (the integration of the Hero’s Journey and the Chakras applied to daily life), “Mind Reading” (looking at the results of our, and others’ daily actions and beliefs and perceptual filters in the three major arenas), the “Flow State Performance Spiral” (Coach Sonnon’s breakthrough insight into the relationship between consciousness, somatic stress, and performance”, “Flowfit” (Scott’s brilliant intro to high-level integrated physical fitness.  Your Grandmother could do the basic level.  You couldn’t do the highest level on the best day of your life—it is, in other words, a train that starts slowly and goes all the way to world-class performance).

Phase 2: Acquiring advanced tools from multiple disciplines and integrating them into your life in a smooth and elegant fashion. Developing exquisite environmental feedback.

Phase 3: Integrating the tools, goals and processes in all three arenas into a seemless spiritual path in alignment with YOUR personal values and beliefs.  It is at this point that the student MUST leave the nest and find the individual path.  Hopefully, they’ll report back on what has been discovered.
At any rate, Jeeze, there is a lot of stuff I have to think through, because the heart of what I’m talking about can’t really be contained in words—but we can point a “finger to the moon” as it were.

Here’s the first of hundreds of principles that have to be integrated in the workshop—and frankly, more deeply into my own life:


Can you or can’t you trust yourself to do what you say you’re going to do?  Why or why not? When and when not?  With whom and with whom not?  Man, oh, man, if you could just trust yourself in this one area, you could accomplish almost anything you wanted.  “First Came the Word” as the Bible says.  A man or woman who says what they mean and means what they say is absolutely golden.  They are trustworthy, and honest, and reliable.  Any employer wants such a person.  They make damned near perfect friends.  They will exercise, maintain dietary patterns, write their daily minimum, study appropriately, save money, make sales calls, whatever…JUST BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY WOULD. 

Wow.  That single thing, the ability to say you will do something and KNOW that you will keep your word to yourself, and to others, is an incredible key to success. It is one of the most important things to teach our children, and we so often forget to give it proper place in our own adult lives.

Start today.  Make a promise about your own behavior: to meditate daily for a month.  To call a different business contact daily for a month. To listen more than you speak for a month.  To walk two miles every day for a month.  And then DO IT, no matter how hard it gets. It isn’t about the activity—it is about being able to trust yourself.  Without that, you have nothing at all.

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