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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The next PATH seminar

Are you interested in:
Changing your life in 24 hours: one hour a week?
Having "Flow" in your personal life, your career, your physical performance?
Maintaining flow under stress?  
Discovering your “Genius Zone”—the road to your own highest mental and physical functioning?
Learning how to transfer your athletic skills to your business and personal life?
Opening the door to endless creativity ? 
Breaking your "Writer's Block" forever?
If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above then follow the link below and register for The Path(TM) seminar!
Two of the world's most accomplished men in their respective fields have teamed up to offer their combined insights on
The Path™ of Life Mastery.
Scott Sonnon - International Martial Arts Sensation, known around the world as the "Flow Coach"
Steven Barnes - NY Times Best Selling Author, Screen Writer and Creator of LifeWriting™
The next Path™ seminar will be held on September 30 - October 01, 2006 in San Francisco, CA. 

For the first time it will be 2-day seminar!!!

In one day, you will feel the difference!
In six weeks, you will SEE the difference!
In just 24 weeks, everyone around you will want to know what you've been doing!
Please NOTE! Limited availability. Only 40 registrations will be accepted. The registration is filling up fast. Register now to reserve yours!
Only few days left for the VIP Registration (VIP Registration includes a complimentary DVD).

Upon registration, you'll be provided with access to the special PATH™ section on the RMAX's On-Line Discussion Forum.

For the updated The Path's webpage as well as for The Path's photos, testimonials, & reviews and to register please follow this link: id=1

"This is one of the best – taught seminars I’ve ever attended. The material was clear and exceptionally well-presented." -Tim Nichols
"Participating in the seminar has relieved the tension in my lower back. It has made it the more flexible and agile in one day." -Romeo Dangate II
"It was a delight to be presented with this model of personal transformation, one that captures and elucidates personal trial and effort. It’s a message that goes straight to the heart, mind and soul." -Scott Newhall
"I came to this seminar not sure what to expect and got more than I dreamt was possible. I hope I can take this information and implement it in my life in a way that will create a lasting change in my life." -Matt Woodall
"Loved the instruction, gentleness, energy, teaching style, content, passion, the blend of two teachers, awareness, multi-level of students all learning and doing at different levels and the laughter!
I want to learn more, take more classes, and bring others!" -Jeanie Taylor
"You guys are really unto something – a set of bodywork and conceptual tools to help people move their physical health deficits as well an emotional blockage, and ultimately any life challenges. People need a place top begin, and the Path combined bodywork ( long-appreciated world over as a development tool) and intellectual insights into human nature, help folks engage and empower themselves at all levels." -Peter Kim
"Thank you both immensely. I’ve spent 30 years intellectualizing various disciplines, philosophies, and ways of life. Today I realized my block has been my failure to emotionally connect. Thus with any of it, it wasn’t enough to transcend my battle with depression. Today, everything has come together and I am EXCITED." -Salina Gray"This seminar was great! I was given some tools I had been reaching for a long time but didn’t know where to find. I can’t put into words what I am feeling right now except that I feel calm and released anxiety. I can see the person I am going to become and all then personal goals I am going to achieve by applying these tools in my life." - Brianna Porter
"There was a lovely rhythm, which matched with the practice. I admired the chance to see others in the workshop waiting to live their lives with clarity. Very inspiring and smooth feeling!" - Roberto Codato
"The workshop was wonderful and self-affirming... " - Mitchell Simon, CST 
"Need to let all then information sink in before I comment. However, all of it is in harmony with everything I’ve learned from my own life experiences, so I know and trust the wisdom, intelligent observation and heart upon which this seminar is based." - Rachel Rosen
"A great seminar. I’ve learned many useful tools and strategies that I can use to improve the quality of my life." - Jonathan Lu
"Great seminar. Relaxing pace is the perfect way to learn…" - George Brandon Martin
"I am thrilled that I followed through in the attending of this seminar in spite of some unanticipated obstacles. I received tools that I plan to use to resolve some major issues that I am facing…" - Denise Graham
"The description of the seminar matched what was delivered and provided benefits beyond. Many of the concepts presented were familiar, but the manner they were tied together with was new and refreshing as well as highly useful." - Kathryn Woodall
"The workshop took disjointed thoughts, feelings and experiences and sorted them out into understandable form, while all along integrating movement as a form and material to re-program my re-active pattern of fear!" Deborah Ellis
"Brilliant combination of concepts. Putting psychological and physical work together this way has been very effective… could easily have been a 3-day seminar given the depth of the material. Beautiful, personal and compassionate presentation on the parts of Coach Sonnon and Steve Barns." Kyle David Jones
"Some light bulbs really went on for me today! I am eager to put into practice the tools and concepts from the Path™ seminar to better my life and the ones of those close to me." Scott Hagnas
"I loved everything… I was very impressed by both Scott and Steve’s gentleness. Their willingness to help was fantastic. I feel this workshop is truly life altering." Jeannie Johnston
"Both Scott and Steve are obviously knowledgeable at the material. However I especially appreciated seeing how genuinely concerned both instructors were about the individual attendees. I never introduced myself to Scott, but he complemented me by name. That impressed me. The RMAX material and instructors give off a good sense of feeling positive." Robert Edmonds
"I have survived stage 4 cancer, am looking at changing careers, and working to reconnect with my family. I loved the atmosphere, the people, and thoroughly enjoyed the instructors. I wish that this was a regular class and I could attend on an ongoing basis. I look forward to the next one I can attend. Thank you, Scott and Steve." Chuck Pippin
"I appreciate the instructions, the dialogue, and the commitment of the instructors is above all…" Luis A. Arranaga, CST
"I can’t say enough good things. For the first time in my life I feel hope that I can create the process that will allow me to be the man that I want to be. I feel that I have the tools to accomplish my goals." Aaron M Stultz
"Great job. Hardly seemed rough at all, considering it was my first time." Todd Ervin
"Too early to tell – I am overwhelmed. Yet, six weeks from now – I vow-I am sure I’ll be bursting with energy and it will be the best thing to have happened to me." Peter Quinones
"I believe all my objectives were met by Scott’s instructions. I can now move on from beginners and start challenging myself with the intermediate movements." Noralaine James
"I always benefit from direct instruction, even though I have a DVD [Coach Sonnon’s FlowFit™]. The information Steve Barnes put out is going to take a lot of work on my part. I know my life will improve profoundly." Justin James
"Good use of coaching throughout! Beautiful environment. Good things you said 6 weeks – we’ll need it – but it’s DOABLE and EXCITING!" Nandei McAnally
"This seminar really opened my eyes to the existing opportunities available in my life." Don Ferguson
"Having two working instructors is great – more energy!" Bonnie D York
"Phenomenal presentation of material! The tools presented are no less than life changing to attain your dreams and desires that are in Alignment with Integrity. Thank you, Scott and Steve." Joseph Schwartz, CST
"Good flow between Steve and Scott instructions and CST and Lifewrite. Thank you so much, Steve, Scott and Nikolay." Jeffrey Samson
"For less than the cost of a dinner out, and Cirque de Soleil tickets - an all-day seminar that's fun, physically challenging, and innovative mix of life management and physical practice. I've been to many, many goal-setting seminars, and still learned here critical new information for a follow-through..." Constance C Brown, CST
"This seminar taps into how to be a human. A wonderful way to help learn your true potential." W. Wesley Buckingham
"Simply an amazing & wonderful experience!" D. Cody Fielding, CST


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