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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The SOULMATE replay link is here!

THANK YOU!   Each and every
one who made our first
such a success!!   Some of you
weren’t able to get on-line,
and as promised, HERE is your

For the replay!

Just wanted you to know
that regardless of how much
wealth we gave away last
night, the full course is 100X
as powerful.  It contains:

1) Over six hours of audio
2) Full notes and illustrations
 for reference
3) The techniques needed for
emotional healing and centering
4) The full version of my
conversation with Tananarive
 about our journey to love
5) And much much more.

Very deliberately, it was
designed to be the highest
dollar-value product I’ve
ever produced, because love
 is the very center of everything
 I’ve taught for twenty years,
 and the critical starting point.

Until December 31, it is being
 offered for ten dollars off,
only 39.95 to give yourself a
 new emotional life for 2014.

Love and a full, passionate
life are your birthright and
heritage.  Claim them!


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