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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Soulmate Process is here!

December 17, 6pm PST, the game changes.

Almost seventeen years ago, I met my soulmate, Tananarive Due.  We recognized each other within thirty-six hours, and were married within a year.   The most remarkable thing was that after countless hours of conversation (much of it of the “wow.  How did this happen?” category) we discovered we’d taken very similar paths to finding each other.   After fifteen years of study and teaching, research and experimentation with my roster of 2400 students, in concert with my dear friend Mushtaq Ali Al Ansari, who brought the Sufi perspective on love and partnership into the mix as well as unique tools never made public before this course, THE SOULMATE PROCESS is finally ready to go!

Details are still being worked out, but the plan is to launch it with a teleseminar on MONDAY DECEMBER 17TH, 6PM PST.  Totally free.  No “catch.” We’ll spend an hour breaking it all down, and then take questions.  Please stay posted for the URL and call-in information, which will be posted soon.

It’s been a long, long road, but we had to get it right.

Pssst…how about a new life for Christmas?


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