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Friday, December 14, 2012

I Blew My Christmas Sale, but...


I blew it!

I had intended to have a big Christmas sale, taking 20% off this course, and 40% off that one, just like everyone else. life just blew up! I'm taking off for California today to see Tananarive, who has been teaching screenwriting at Antioch College, and just found out that a film project has become very very real. This is something OTHER than the project I've been hinting about (and the other film project THAT producer has been working on is the hottest ticket of the year, currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! I'll be meeting with him in Hollywood on Tuesday).

But something else happened. A financial group wants to put not seven, but EIGHT figures into a film project of ours (do the math!) and we have to put together a treatment FAST. Yow!

So...without time to do something fancy, I'm going to make you guys the best offer I've ever made:

From now until Christmas, purchase ANY course on (with the exception of the work I do with Scott Sonnon--different system), and I'll give you a course of equal or lesser value for FREE.

Yep. Purchase ANY course, then send me an email at, tell me what you bought and what you want. And within 48 hours (I'm on the road, you have to cut me a little teeny bit of slack!) I'll send you a FREE copy of the desired course. I've never offered anything like this before, and it's a Christmas present from my family to yours. I am hugely excited about what is happening in my life, and just want to share the joy! want the best sleep of your life? Warrior Sleep. The best writing course on the Internet? The Lifewriting Year Long. The 101-Day Life makeover program? Align your life with the Hero's Journey? Improve Focus and Flow? Discover Tananarive Due's "Secrets of a Writer's Life"?

It's all there. No limit. For every course you purchase, you get one of equal or lesser value. Just...please give me 48 hours, wouldja? Maybe's gonna be busy as @#$$ around Casa Barnes!

Merry Christmas!


Terry H said...

Whoooaaah! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Dude! I'll be crossing fingers for both film projects to pan out.

--Erich Schwarz

Steven Barnes said...

Thanks, guys. Had a great meeting with the producer. So far, still good.