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Friday, December 14, 2012

Begin With The End "In Heart"

Morning Ritual

There is nothing more important than the first few minutes of the day. I wanted to share with you the "morning ritual" that I undergo every day to get "things moving."

1) As soon as I realize I'm awake, I feel my body against the sheets, luxuriate in just being alive. I am in the "hypnogogic state", half-way between being asleep and awake. A perfect time for lucid dreaming. This is a great time to fantasize, to create images and impressions that If you know what I mean. Yummy, and it gets the juices going. The idea is to start the day with the feelings you want ot have at the end of it: satisfaction, pleasure, passion.

This time is precious. In it, you can flow with your dreams and goals, create a tempting future that is so bright, and warm, and wonderful that you cannot wait to get out of bed and into your day.

Similarly, at the END of the day, as you go to sleep, you can do the same thing. Remember the formula: GOALS X FAITH X CONSTANT ACTION X GRATITUDE X MUTUAL BENEFIT = RESULTS.

By using this "natural" hypnotic state, the borderline between dream and waking, you can reap benefits available to most people only after deliberate, conscious education of their minds, or years of meditation technique. Visualize your goals, and use your sensuality (those morning fantasies can be wonderful. In fact, if you're sleeping with your honey, it's great time to roll over and...well, you get the idea!) to produce the feelings of connection, pleasure and satisfaction most people only get at the END of a goal process.

BEGIN WITH THE FEELING YOU WANT TO END WITH. Start with an attitude of gratitude. It changes the entire complexion of the day!


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