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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Changing my mind...

I reserve the right to change my mind. So many important things need to be done and communicated that I don't want to take six days to work through the rest of the observations I made about life, learned traveling with Jason for two weeks. There is too much. I've had important breakthroughs in my meditation, my relationship, my fitness, and my writing, all in the same time, and can't wait to share them. So instead, let me just list them briefly:

5) Children are only children once. Treasure every moment.

6) Don't let yesterday's troubles spoil today.
7) Hugs are better medicine than anything sold over the counter
8) The best games can be the ones made up in the moment
9) Small kindnesses from strangers can last a lifetime.
10) Use driving time for valued input.

What I want to extract from this is that the time I spent with my son was important to both of us. I got to watch him at close range, morning to night, on the road with just the two of us, no outside input to dilute the transmission.

Here's what it comes down to: If I look at Jason as a version of my own heart, all I want is to support him, help him, discipline him, love him. Give him everything. He teaches me to treasure every moment of life. What he feels, he feels in the NOW with an intensity that seems as if it will last forever. He loves more deeply than any words could say, and forms heart-bonds with people and places that are so pure they shame me.

He is my boy. He represents the seed of my own personality and life, in living form. I could write books on it, but know that all I have been teaching can be boiled down to the following: love, treasure, protect and discipline the child within you. Listen to the whispered wisdom of the elder you will be, at the end of life. Know that you are walking a path between these two extremes. If you balance so that both the oldest and youngest "you" agree with your actions and have life utterly whipped. It doesn't get better than that.

Thanks again to my boy. Loving him is learning to love myself more deeply. And that is something none of us can do too much of.

love you, Jason.

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