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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fine-tuning the Diamond Hour

Some swift thoughts on making the most of your “Diamond Hour”

1) Mind.  Clarity is king.  Spend twenty minute writing out your goals, brainstorming with your Mastermind partner, planning your day or week.  Engage one part of your mind to remember to breathe smoothly and deeply as you do.
2) Body.    Choose a whole-body exercise like jumping rope, hindu pushups, yoga, etc, and explore it for twenty minutes.  Link EVERYTHING to your breathing.
3) Emotions.  Meditate, focusing on your heartbeat.  Visualize yourself, pure and strong, sitting or standing within the safety of your own heart.  Take your pulse at wrist if necessary, but stay with the beats.

Now then—during your “Five Minute Miracle” sessions (five 1-minute breaks scattered through the day) slow your breathing, and lower it to a point just below your navel.  There is a connection between body, mind, and emotions that cannot be put into words, but which you can experience if you tie them together with breath and heart.  

You are the center of your existence.  Define yourself, and your word with every action and every breath.  Walk the thousand mile road.  I promise the awareness of the journey is the most profitable investment you could ever make.


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